During the conference, side meetings (splinter meetings) organized by on-site participants can be reserved for up to two successive time blocks in specific rooms.

Non-commercial splinter meetings are organized by individuals or organizations that are not primarily intended for, or directed towards, commercial advantage or monetary compensation (e.g. research and innovation project meetings). Commercial splinter meetings are those related to activities of commerce, selling services, promoting commercial products, or for-profit businesses (e.g. editorial board meetings).

Non-commercial splinter meetings can be reserved free of charge in the rooms listed below. Commercial meetings can be requested in these rooms for €250 for smaller enterprises (up to 10 full-time employees) or €500 for larger enterprises (more than 10 full-time employees) per time block.

The splinter meeting request form is already closed. Please check with our on-site conference staff at the EGU Information desk for any room vacancies.

Terms and conditions

  • To book a splinter meeting room at the Austria Center Vienna during the EGU General Assembly (EGU23), you must first apply by filling out the splinter meeting request form.
  • Non-commercial requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis. Once processed, these splinter meetings will appear in the tentative splinter meeting programme.
  • Commercial requests will be subject to a waiting list in order of submission. These can be scheduled as of 8 March 2023, based on room availability.
  • The EGU Programme Committee Co-Chairs will review all splinter meeting requests. Hereby, EGU retains the right to reject splinter meeting requests.
  • Splinter meeting rooms are equipped with tables, chairs, and a projector. The general conference Wi-Fi network is also available in the rooms. Laptops and microphones are not provided.
  • EGU does not provide alternate seating arrangements, nor a hybrid solution for splinter meetings.
  • All splinter meeting participants need to be registered for the conference.

All splinter meeting rooms are located on the Red Level 2 (second floor). The following rooms will be utilized for splinter meetings:

Room Seating
2.42 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)
2.43 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)
2.61 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)
2.83 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)
2.96 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)
2.97 theatre style with folding tables (30 persons)

For separate meetings outside the congress centre, rooms of various sizes are available in nearby hotels (e.g. NH Danube City or Arcotel Kaiserwasser). Rental fees are in charge of the splinter meeting organizer(s).


Organizers can arrange catering at their own expense at the company Motto Catering. Please use their online webform to place your order.