Programme Committee general positions

Programme Committee Co-Chairs
PC Co-Chair Maria-Helena Ramos
PC Co-Chair Athanasios Nenes
Programme Committee Executive Board
EGU President Helen M. Glaves
EGU Vice-President Irina Artemieva
EGU General Secretary Jane Hart
EGU Treasurer Patric Jacobs
EGU Executive Secretary Philippe Courtial
Professional Conference Organizer (PCO)
Conference Manager Katja Gänger
Conference Manager Katrin Krüger
PC Officers and Coordinators
PC Officer for Travel Support Annette Eicker
PC Officer for Early Career Scientists Jenny Turton
PC Officer for Communications Hazel Gibson
PC Officer for Media Gillian D'Souza
General Assembly Coordinator Jane Roussak
PC Officer for Mentoring and Outreach Solmaz Mohadjer
Outstanding Student and PhD candidate Presentation (OSPP) Award Coordinator Lena Noack

Programme Group Chairs & Science Officers

SC – Short Courses (#EGU23SC)
SC Programme Group Chairs Michael Dietze , Jenny Turton
ITS – Interdisciplinary & Transdisciplinary Sessions (#EGU23ITS)
ITS Programme Group Chair Viktor Bruckman
EOS – Education and Outreach Sessions (#EGU23EOS)
EOS Programme Group Chair Martin Archer
AS – Atmospheric Sciences (#EGU23AS)
AS Programme Group Chair Philip Stier
BG – Biogeosciences (#EGU23BG)
BG Programme Group Chair Lisa Wingate
General Biogeosciences
Lisa Wingate
Bikem Ekberzade
Methods in Biogeosciences
Lisa Wingate
Terrestrial Biogeosciences
Steffen Seitz
Teresa Gimeno
Marine and Freshwater Biogeosciences
Sinikka Lennartz
Magdalena Bieroza
Robyn Pickering
Eric Capo
Geomicrobiomes and their function
Vincent E. J. Jassey
Lisa Wingate
Extraterrestrial and Extreme Environment Biogeosciences
Lisa Wingate
Biogeosciences, Policy and Society
Bikem Ekberzade
Earth System Remote Sensing and Modelling
Silvia Caldararu
CL – Climate: Past, Present & Future (#EGU23CL)
CL Programme Group Chair Irka Hajdas
Past Climates – Deep Time
Jan-Berend Stuut
Elisabeth Dietze
Past Climates – Last ~2.6 Ma
Jan-Berend Stuut
Carole Nehme
Present Climate – Historical and direct observations period
Martin Wild
Future Climate – Climate change: from regional to global
Gabriele Messori
Future Climate – Climate change: Climate and Society
Julia Hargreaves
Climate studies across timescales
Carole Nehme
Elisabeth Dietze
Tools for Climate studies
Julia Hargreaves
Elisabeth Dietze
Eduardo Queiroz Alves
CR – Cryospheric Sciences (#EGU23CR)
CR Programme Group Chair Carleen Tijm-Reijmer
EMRP – Earth Magnetism & Rock Physics (#EGU23EMRP)
EMRP Programme Group Chair Fabio Florindo
Rock Physics & Mineral Physics
Sergio Vinciguerra
Georgios Balasis
Paleomagnetism and Environmental Magnetism
Eric Font
ERE – Energy, Resources and the Environment (#EGU23ERE)
ERE Programme Group Chair Viktor J. Bruckman
ESSI – Earth & Space Science Informatics (#EGU23ESSI)
ESSI Programme Group Chair Jens Klump
Next Generation Analytics for Scientific Discovery: Data Science, Machine Learning, AI
Kerstin Lehnert
Federico Amato
Data, Software and Computing Infrastructures Across Earth and Space Sciences
Horst Schwichtenberg
Mohan Ramamurthy
Open Science Informatics for Earth and Space Sciences
Kirsten Elger
Dirk Fleischer
Pierre-Philippe MATHIEU
Advanced Technologies and Informatics Enabling Transdisciplinary Science
Jane Hart
Lesley Wyborn
Jens Klump
General Contributions to Earth and Space Science Informatics Jens Klump
Martina Stockhause
Kaori Otsu
G – Geodesy (#EGU23G)
G Programme Group Chair Annette Eicker
GD – Geodynamics (#EGU23GD)
GD Programme Group Chair Jeroen van Hunen
Mantle Dynamics and Plate Tectonics
Paul Tackley
Melts, Volatiles and Chemistry of the Mantle (in partnership with GMPV)
Jeroen van Hunen
Dynamics and Evolution of Earth and Terrestrial Planets (in partnership with PS)
Jeroen van Hunen
Subduction and Orogeny
Antoniette Grima
Rifting and Mid Ocean Ridges
Antoniette Grima
Crust, Lithosphere and Asthenosphere
Irina M. Artemieva
Rheology and Multiscale Mineralogy in Geodynamics
Frederic Deschamps
Core Dynamics
Phil Livermore
Geodynamics of Specific Regions
Frederic Deschamps
Modelling, Data collection and Inversion
Paul Tackley
Geodynamics and society: Short Courses, EDI, and General Interest
Jeroen van Hunen
GI – Geosciences Instrumentation & Data Systems (#EGU23GI)
GI Programme Group Chair Francesco Soldovieri
General sessions on geoscience instrumentation
Vira Pronenko
Data networks and analysis
Masatoshi Yamauchi
Planetary and space (remote sensing) instrumentation
Bernard Foing
Atmosphere and ocean monitoring
Bernard Foing
Earth surface and subsurface methods of investigation
Jean Dumoulin
Multidisciplinary sessions on geoscience instrumentation, data networks, and analysis
Pietro Tizzani
GM – Geomorphology (#EGU23GM)
GM Programme Group Chair Daniel Parsons
GMPV – Geochemistry, Mineralogy, Petrology & Volcanology (#EGU23GMPV)
GMPV Programme Group Chair Marian Holness
Advances in techniques with interdisciplinary applications
Urs Schaltegger
Max Wilke
The mantle-surface connection (in partnership with GD)
Urs Schaltegger
Earth and terrestrial planets: formation, early history, and planetary interiors (in partnership with PS and GD)
Chiara Maria Petrone
Eleanor Jennings
Jörg Hermann
Mineralogy: from experimental and analytical advances to rock-forming processes and mineral deposits
Max Wilke
David Dolejs
Fluid-rock interactions and low-temperature metamorphic processes
Richard Palin
Silvio Ferrero
High-temperature metamorphism and orogenesis
Richard Palin
Silvio Ferrero
Jörg Hermann
Advances in igneous petrology
Marco Viccaro
Marian Holness
Chiara Maria Petrone
Brendan McCormick Kilbride
Volcanic processes and recent eruptions
Marco Viccaro
Evgenia Ilyinskaya
Brendan McCormick Kilbride
Living with active volcanoes: resources, monitoring, hazards and risk mitigation
Marco Viccaro
Evgenia Ilyinskaya
Brendan McCormick Kilbride
Interdisciplinary studies with a regional focus (in partnership with GD)
Urs Schaltegger
HS – Hydrological Sciences (#EGU23HS)
HS Programme Group Chair Alberto Viglione
General hydrology
Alberto Viglione
Maria-Helena Ramos
Hydrological Sciences for Policy and Society
Alberto Viglione
Maria-Helena Ramos
Innovative sensors and monitoring in hydrology
Alberto Viglione
Maria-Helena Ramos
Cross-cutting hydrological sessions
Alberto Viglione
Maria-Helena Ramos
Catchment hydrology
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
Catchment hydrology in diverse climates and environments
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
From observations to concepts to models (in catchment hydrology)
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
Water quality at the catchment scale
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
Hydrologic variability and change at multiple scales
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
Global and (sub)continental hydrology
Björn Guse
Miriam Glendell
Emmanouil Varouchakis
Hydrological forecasting
Ilias Pechlivanidis
Water policy, management and control
Andrea Cominola
Remote sensing and data assimilation
Rafael Pimentel
Precipitation and climate
Roberto Deidda
Subsurface hydrology
Roland Baatz
Irina Engelhardt
Subsurface hydrology – General sessions
Irina Engelhardt
Subsurface hydrology – Groundwater
Irina Engelhardt
Subsurface hydrology – Vadose zone hydrology
Roland Baatz
Erosion, sedimentation & river processes
Olivier Evrard
Ecohydrology, wetlands and estuaries: aquatic and terrestrial processes and interlinkages
Anke Hildebrandt
NH – Natural Hazards (#EGU23NH)
NH Programme Group Chair Ira Didenkulova
Hydro-Meteorological Hazards
Yves Tramblay
Volcanic Hazards
Andrea Di Muro
Landslide Hazards
Veronica Pazzi
Earthquake Hazards
Anastasia Nekrasova
Sea & Ocean Hazards
Filippo Zaniboni
Remote Sensing & Hazards
Giorgio Boni
Wildfire Hazards
Marj Tonini
Environmental, Biological & Natech Hazards
Jasmine Rita Petriglieri
Natural Hazards & Society
Nivedita Sairam
Marleen de Ruiter
Climate Hazards
Steven Hardiman
NP – Nonlinear Processes in Geosciences (#EGU23NP)
NP Programme Group Chair François Schmitt
Mathematics of Planet Earth
Valerio Lucarini
Dynamical Systems Approaches to Problems in the Geosciences
Christian Franzke
Scales, Scaling and Nonlinear Variability
Ioulia Tchiguirinskaia
Time Series and Big Data Methods
Reik Donner
Olivier Talagrand
Turbulence, Transport and Diffusion
Yuliya Troitskaya
Nonlinear Waves
Julien Touboul
Emergent Phenomena in the Geosciences
Henk A. Dijkstra
OS – Ocean Sciences (#EGU23OS)
OS Programme Group Chair Johan van der Molen
Ocean Circulation and Climate
Marcus Dengler
Coastal Oceans, Semi-enclosed and Marginal Seas
Sandro Carniel
Ocean Biogeochemistry and Biology
Peter Landschützer
Global ocean processes and oceanographic techniques
Aida Alvera-Azcárate
PS – Planetary & Solar System Sciences (#EGU23PS)
PS Programme Group Chair Stephen J. Mojzsis
Multi-disciplinary applications to planetary and solar system science studies: spacecraft mission development and testing, planetary instrument testing, laboratory experiments and ground-truthing mission data with terrestrial analogues Stephen J. Mojzsis
Space weather and space weathering: active and passive processes, observations and records from models, experiments and samples
Moa Persson
The early solar system: from molecular cloud to planetary building blocks, to planetisimals, planetary embryos and full-fledged planets (in partnership with GMPV)
Patricia L. Clay
Sébastien Charnoz
Interiors, crusts and atmospheres of the terrestrial planets: formation, evolution and fate (in partnership with GD)
Gregor Golabek
Physical, chemical and dynamical aspects of small bodies (dwarf planets, rocky & icy moons, asteroids, comets, KBOs, rings, meteors and interplanetary dust)
Maria Gritsevich
Gas and ice giants: from sub-neptunes to super-jupiters, at home and abroad
Anezina Solomonidou
Tristan Guillot
Exoplanets, exomoons, exocomets: origin, process and evolution
Daniel Kitzmann
Life in the cosmos
Sarah Rugheimer
SM – Seismology (#EGU23SM)
SM Programme Group Chair Philippe Jousset
General Seismology Philippe Jousset
Seismic Instrumentation & Infrastructure
Damiano Pesaresi
Real-time and time dependent seismology
Aldo Zollo
Deformation, Faulting, and Earthquake Processes (incl. seismotectonics, geodynamics, earthquake source physics)
Henriette Sudhaus
Seismic Imaging Across Scales (from near-surface to global scale, incl. methodological developments)
Cedric Schmelzbach
Crustal Fluids & Seismic Activity (incl. induced & triggered seismicity, volcano seismology) Philippe Jousset
Seismic Hazard Assessment (earthquake forecasting, engineering seismology, seismic and/or multihazard probabilistic assessment)
Fabrice Cotton
Computational, Theoretical Seismology and Big Data
Heiner Igel
SSP – Stratigraphy, Sedimentology & Palaeontology (#EGU23SSP)
SSP Programme Group Chair Marc De Batist
General Sessions
Marc De Batist
Ian Jarvis
Stephen Lokier
Guilhem Amin Douillet
Cinzia Bottini
Stratigraphy, Earth Systems History and Climate Geology
Jorijntje Henderiks
Ian Jarvis
Sedimentology: processes, products, diagenesis
Stephen Lokier
Guilhem Amin Douillet
Palaeontology, Palaeoecology and Evolution of Life
Antonino Briguglio
Michael Benton
SSS – Soil System Sciences (#EGU23SSS)
SSS Programme Group Chair Claudio Zaccone
History, Education and Society of Soil Science
Feliciana Licciardello
Manuel Esteban Lucas-Borja
Demetrio Antonio Zema
Soil Erosion and Conservation
Carla Ferreira
Milica Kasanin-Grubin
Panos Panagos
Soils as Records in Time and Space
Oren Ackermann
Ladislav Smejda
Brad Sion
Soil Biology, Microbiology and Biodiversity
Lucia Fuchslueger
Edith Hammer
Stefan Geisen
Soil Chemistry and Organic Matter Dynamics
Carsten W. Mueller
Cristina Santin
Gabriel Sigmund
Soil Physics
Laurent Lassabatere
Frederic Leuther
Simone Di Prima
Soil Pollution and Reclamation
Carmen Pérez-Sirvent
Erika Santos
Miriam Muñoz-Rojas
Soil, Environment and Ecosystem Interactions
Mariano Moreno de las Heras
Zahra Kalantari
Pablo Tittonell
Soils, Forestry and Agriculture
Rossano Ciampalini
Diana Vieira
Marta María Moreno Valencia
Metric, Informatics, Statistics and Models in Soils
Laura Poggio
Sara König
Sara Cucchiaro
Material and Methods in Soil Science
Álvaro Gómez-Gutiérrez
Anette Eltner
Xiangzhou Xu
Soil Policy and Legislation
Beatrice Giannetta
Calogero Schillaci
Petra Stankovics
ST – Solar-Terrestrial Sciences (#EGU23ST)
ST Programme Group Chair Olga Malandraki
TS – Tectonics & Structural Geology (#EGU23TS)
TS Programme Group Chair Paola Vannucchi
Topics in Tectonics and Structural Geology
Claudio Rosenberg
Paola Vannucchi
Deformation mechanisms and rheology
Bernhard Grasemann
Luca Menegon
Claudio Rosenberg
Paola Vannucchi
Faults: imaging, kinematics and mechanics
Luca Menegon
Paola Vannucchi
Zoe Mildon
Active tectonics, seismicity, and deformation/td>
Bernhard Grasemann
Paola Vannucchi
Zoe Mildon
Tectonics and surface processes
Bernhard Grasemann
Sean Willett
Paola Vannucchi
Extensional tectonic settings
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Zoe Mildon
Convergent tectonic settings
Bernhard Grasemann
Claudio Rosenberg
Paola Vannucchi
Modelling tectonic processes
Sean Willett
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Strike-slip tectonic settings
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Time scales, rates and age determinations of tectonic processes
Bernhard Grasemann
Sean Willett
Paola Vannucchi
Zoe Mildon
Deformation unrelated to regional displacements (salt tectonics, impact geology, magma emplacement)
Claudio Rosenberg
Paola Vannucchi
Imaging large-scale tectonic structures
Bernhard Grasemann
Sean Willett
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Plate Tectonics and the evolution of the Earth
Bernhard Grasemann
Sean Willett
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Planetary Tectonics
Bernhard Grasemann
Luca Menegon
Sean Willett
Claudio Rosenberg
Paola Vannucchi
João Duarte
Zoe Mildon